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The bowling clubHarrachovis located in the nearby area of ADOS, approx. a 15-minute walk. The club has four bowling lanes. On weekends, we recommend booking lanes in advance, the hotel receptionwill be happy to make the reservation for you. Opening hours are 13:00 to 1:00 h. The price for renting the lanes is from CZK 290 per hour.


Harrachov – the green world of the Giant Mountains has the only golf course in the area with a tee for the youngest golfers as part of "Family Courses", where children are becoming equal to their parents. The location of the course in the mountain resort allows you to combine golf with a family holiday. This is the highest course in Bohemia (730 m asl), set in the beautiful countryside of the western Giant Mountains. This nine-hole course is involved in the project ‘’Family Courses’’. It is a 60 par course, with a length of 2992 meters from the yellow tees. It is possible to use other facilities too - mountain biking, tennis, hiking, mini golf, and swimming pool.


The PROUD – Harrachov obstacle course is located in the Giant Mountains National Park at the confluence of the rivers Jizera and Mumlava. The complex covers an area of 5,500 m2 and is situated in pure unadulterated nature so you will not be distracted by anything and you will be able to intensively enjoy this unique experience. The obstacle coursecontains an area of low obstacles, newly opened ‘low team obstacles’, training wall, several activities under the banner "problem solving", 10 individual and 5 team high obstacles (heights from 4-11 meters) and at the end there is a the (Challenge tower) with several vertical obstacles and a platform height of 12 meters. From the platform there is an 80-meter cableway.


Top foreign technology enables the bobsleigh track in Harrachov to provide the ultimate bobsleighing experience. This attraction is available to everyone from 2 to 100 years. Fast bobsleighsare controlled by the riders themselves using brake levers so they can each choose a peace that suits them individually. The bobsleigh track can be run individually or in pairs with children or friends.


There is a 273 meter long climbing centre with 14 obstacles called MONKEYPARK. MONKEYPARK is intended for the general public, including children taller than 140 cm. It is designed in such a way that it is accessible to an untrained visitor or child of a given height. Visitors to Spindleruv Mlyn and Harrachov will be able to go on all rides(except for the bobsleigh) and only pay once at one point which makes it an even more attractive activity. MONKEYPARK involves the gradual overcoming of obstacles suspended on ropes between trees at a height of 3-7 meters. At the same time the obstaclesare placed between the trees on a special base on which visitors can rest and also moves after one obstacle is overcome to another.